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Cover Reveal - Justice's Kiss

♥҉♥҉‿➹⁀♥҉Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Sale҉♥‿➹⁀҉♥҉♥


A Huge Thank you to the Awesome Leah Holt for another Beautiful Cover!

Justice’s Kiss

Life is a gamble Nikki isn’t willing to take. Over the years, Zach has gone from being the boy next door to the only man to hold her heart. But life has made a habit of getting in their way. And the Zach standing before her now with his heart in his hands and love in his eyes doesn’t know her pain. How justice has failed her.

The odds are stacked against him, but Nikki is the only woman Zach has ever loved. When fate puts her back in his life, he’ll challenge the devil himself to keep her. But Zach doesn’t really know the stakes. He doesn’t know what life has already dealt her, and how she survived.

Nikki’s past and future are about to collide in a deadly game of chance. There’s a joker in the deck with his sights set on the one that got away. When Nikki goes missing, Zach will have to use every bit of his training to bring home the woman he loves.

Bets are placed, the die is cast, and bodies will fall where they may. This time justice is out for retribution.

Coming July 28

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