Doctor Trouble
Part of the Doctors of Eastport General


I celebrated my 21st birthday in style by losing my V-card to the hottest man I’ve ever met. But I didn’t realize how much trouble I would be in. How much my body would want him. With no room for romance in my life, I snuck out the next morning sure I’d never see him again.

But then my one-night stand shows up we’re I least expected him. He’s the new head of ER in my town where I’m a paramedic. And when Dr. Trouble sets his sights on me, he wants more than I can give. I can’t stretch myself that thin, not when I have younger siblings to care for and an addict brother to keep drug-free.

So what’s the good doctor do? He demands my submission. He demands my will and my body. But our hospital has a no-fraternization policy. What the hell am I going to do?

The doctor is ready to see you now. The paramedic is ready to treat you. Come hang out with the Doctors of Eastport General. Award-winning author E.M. Shue gives you a new erotic romance with the action you expect and love.



Winning big has always been my thing. I grew up in Las Vegas in the harsh glare of the bright lights. I worked hard for everything I have, but winning at poker was my hobby. Learning to cater to the whales was my passion. Owning my own casino was my dream. But the reality is like the dead man’s hand. A jinx.

Until I saw her.

She’s everything I never knew I needed or wanted. She is sexy, tattooed, and not afraid of me. But she has no clue who I really am. She thinks I’m just a poker player. She doesn’t know that being my queen entails the royal flush. That I’ll take everything from her and more. I’ll take her dominance as my own and she will submit to me. I’ll make her mine permanently so she can’t ever leave me.

But she does and she doesn’t know the danger she’s in. What I’ll do to keep her safe. And what I’ll give up for a chance at the ultimate jackpot—her heart.