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Devil's Handmaidens MC
Alaska Chapter

The Devil’s Handmaidens MC is an all-female motorcycle club collaboration series written by many amazing best-selling authors including, E.M. Shue. Get ready for the collaboration to start with chapters all over coming summer 2022. E.M.’s Alaskan chapter starts June 8, 2023, with Wreaked.

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Here is a snippet of what E.M. is working on.

Alaska has never been hotter or wilder than it is now. The Devil’s Handmaidens have started a charter right outside Fairbanks, Alaska. Riddler is coming home with some of her friends, but it isn’t under happy circumstances. She’s got to investigate her father’s murder while confronting the past that made her run from her hometown. She’s known for years that she would have to face the secrets she’s hidden for over nine years. As president she’ll continue the DHMC rule of rescuing and protecting those that can’t from human traffickers in the wilds of Alaska. These women are all strong and independent, but they’ll find love to heat up the cold winter nights. The DHMC is coming to Alaska, where the men outnumber the ladies and the ladies can take down a bull moose by themselves, but these women take down evil organizations too from their motorcycles.

Keep checking back for more updates.

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Coming May 2023