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Confined Space Excerpt Reveal

When I step onto the porch, I hear music playing from inside, but the alarm is engaged and the doors are locked. Mom locks up when she leaves or is asleep. Blu protects both our properties. I use my phone to disarm the system, then I open the door and step into the house. Why did my mom leave music playing when she’s not here? I round the corner and come to a stop. Moving around the kitchen is my little Mouse. She's barefoot and wearing even skimpier shorts than normal and a blue bikini top. She's dancing around and singing “Lady Marmalade” to Archer, who is in a T-shirt that snaps between his legs. He's in a seat I've never seen before, kicking his legs and watching his mom. She's moving her hips and singing along like she's Christina Aguilera herself. She spins around and sees me leaning against the wall watching her.

"Well, hello, Mouse. Although, I think you're more of a little fox right now." I chuckle. "What are you doing here?"

"Um, well. Just a moment." She picks up the remote from the counter and pauses the music. "So, I wanted to talk to you." She shuffles from foot to foot, looking nervous.

"Yeah, I got that message." It's taking every fiber of my being to stay here and not advance on her. She has a tattoo on her back that I want to get a better look at. My little Mouse has a touch of bad in her and it turns me on more.

"Well," she starts again but pauses. "I don't know how to tell you this."

"Just spit it out before I tackle you and get my kisses I've been missing." She blushes at my words.

"I went to the bank yesterday. I didn't know your mom worked there. But my inheritance allotment didn't deposit again, and I was getting evicted. The CPS lady said if I got evicted, they would take Archer from me. Your mom offered to let me stay here until I can get everything figured out." She barely breathes as she gets everything out. "I swear it wasn't my idea. Your mom said she was going to talk to your aunt to find out if she could help me too."

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