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Coal for Kiera


Going back to the town I grew up in near Christmas wasn’t what I wanted to do. Santa Claus, Indiana celebrated the holiday year around but was worse at this time of the year. Only one reason could make me go back there and I hated him.

But the angel that served me had me thinking I could give the town another chance. I had one taste of her, and I was willing to sacrifice everything to protect her, even my freedom.


I hated this town and couldn’t wait to get out of it. I hated the man that made me regret being born. Every day he made sure I knew I was unloved and unwanted. I only needed one more week of work before I had enough money to get away.

But then a stranger sat in my section and I my world changed. He made me feel things like staying and after one night with him I’d sacrifice everything to save him, even my future.

This holiday they will learn what a real gift is.

Confined Space

Part of the K. Bromberg Everyday Heroes World. Add to your Goodreads and check out the Facebook Group. Cover Reveal coming in January 2021.


Part of Corinne Michaels' Salvation Society. Add this book to your TBR on Goodreads and keep up to date with the Facebook Reader group.

Until Tucker

Part of  The Happily Ever Alpha World are books written in association to the internationally bestselling Until, Until Her, and Until Him series written by Aurora Rose Reynolds. My story for the Happily Ever Alpha World will be Until Tucker, which is connected to Aurora's Until June.


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Her Empire

Part of the Mafia Made World with KL Donn. Coming in 2021. Cover Reveal Coming November 19. Add to your TBR and Check out the Mafia Made page.


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