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Coming in January

Artfully Bred
A Mafia Made Spin-Off


Vittoria Carbone has been told all her life that she will marry for a strategic union for her family. She is a commodity. Only for his benefit. She thought things would change when her cousin took over the family, but her father hasn’t changed his mind. He still wants her to marry for a union for the family. He chased away the one man that Vittoria wanted. Now she only has her art. The lines and splashes of color tell the story of her pain.

Spencer Tate only needed to see Vittoria once to know she was meant to be his, but her father won’t allow it. He’s told Spencer he isn’t good enough, so he left to prove he was better than anyone for Vittoria. He’s built his business to be the best in the industry. But two years away from the woman he wants hasn’t only made his heart grow fonder and his desire for her deeper, it’s also proved to him he’s going to have to play dirty to get her.

When Vittoria’s life is threatened Spencer comes back and he’s ready to do everything to keep her, even put his baby in her belly.


Excerpt Reveal



Music thumps through the club. The vibrations pulse throughout my body, causing my heart to feel like it’s beating in time with the music. Bodies gyrate around me on the dance floor. The alcohol coursing through my veins dulls my senses but also numbs the pain in my heart. It’s been like this for two years, and I’m sick and tired of it. Tonight, however, is worse because my life is going to change again. Not the way I wanted it to either. 

I wanted to be married already with a family on the way. Married to a man of my choosing. A man who loved me in return. But life isn’t fair. That’s what my father told me this afternoon when he informed me I was already promised to someone. And not just anyone. He’d traded my freedom to a man who has been our family’s enemy for years. He said it was the best union he could get because none of the good families wanted me. To make it even crueler, my father claimed I was getting too old and wasn’t marriage material anymore. I’m freaking twenty-three. How is that old? There are other reasons too, like a lot of his friends think I’m too mouthy. I just want to be treated like a human being and not a commodity. He also said the union would guarantee that the other man wouldn’t go to war with our family. I hate the man and can’t believe my father is okay with this. That man has tried to destroy the Revello family numerous times.

An arm wraps around my body, pulling me against it, and I don’t fight it. I want this. I want to forget everything. I want mindless sex and to choose who I’m with. I know I look good and will attract attention. I’m not a runway model, but I’m not ugly or unattractive either. I’m average height. I have a curvy thinner body and long, wavy, dark-brown hair and hazel eyes. I have full lips and even the rare dimples so many girls want. I come from a good family. I’m the cousin to the current head of the Revello family. Honestly, I’m his favorite cousin and his wife’s best friend. Most people know who I am just from a look if they are from Vicenza or Northern Italy.
All that’s great, but to me I’m a catch because I’m patient, kind, and I want to be a wife. I want to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I’ve never worked outside the home because my father is very old-fashioned and believes women are meant to be seen and not heard. That’s one of my problems. I like to argue. But back to the good parts. I’ve been trained by my nonna to cook and run a mafia family. My only vice is my art. I love my art. I’m freaking good at it too. Most of my paintings have sold out in the last couple of installations at my cousin’s galleries. Just last week every painting was sold before the first guest arrived to the exhibition. My best friend, Luna, tells me all the time that my work is amazing and beautiful. But my latest pieces have been some of my best works. They are darker and full of more emotion than ever before. I primarily switched from doing landscapes to portraits, putting all my emotions and pain into my art.

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