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Truth or Lies?

Emily has only ever wanted to be a lawyer, but she likes to play and have fun too. That means there are rules. Never get attached. Never take them home with you. Never go to their place. And the most important rule of all, never get personal.

Then she meets Jericho, who breaks all her rules. Like the men in his family, he knows his woman the moment he meets her. Emily is determined to keep him at a distance, but Jericho will make her his no matter what she thinks.

After Emily becomes disillusioned with the legal system and believes a lie about Jericho, she returns home, deciding the Big Apple isn’t for her. But she doesn’t realize that trouble and Jericho are going to follow her wherever she goes.

Can Jericho show Emily the truth? Will Emily catch the big one and save herself?

The next installment in the award-winning Caine & Graco Saga from E.M. Shue is going to harpoon through your heart with love and adventure.

Trusting Jericho: Caine & Graco Saga 6

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