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An exclusive 5 year anniversary hardcover only available here and at signings. Pre-order ships after May 1.


This 2018 Beverley Award Winner for Suspense from E.M. Shue brings action and intrigue.

Police sniper Maya Aaron finds herself in the crosshairs of not just one but two madmen. One sends her flowers with secret meanings, the other? He’ll stop at nothing to control her, including framing her for murder.

All she’s ever wanted was to protect the few people she's allowed into her life - by studying Krav Maga, shooting at the range, knife fighting and riding her motorcycle fast.

But when she gives in to former British SAS Officer Duncan’s dominant desires, her stalkers find out and set their sights on destroying him and her friends. Duncan finally feels he's found his 'worth it' and he will battle anyone that gets in his way. But can he survive when she pushes him away?

Maya decides to come out of the shadows, guns blazing, removing her stalker problems once and for all. Can she have a life she never dared dream of and keep everyone safe?

When the smoke clears will she have a chance with the man that ignites her soul?

This is a hot and steamy mystery suspense with twists, turns, action, and a happily for now.

Sniper's Kiss Alternate Cover HC

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