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Books five, five and half, and six in the award-winning suspenseful-action packed series, Securities International.


Derek has only one chance to save the love of his life, sacrifice himself. Sir finally has the leverage he needs to get Maya. Will it work?


Duncan thought that getting Maya to the alter was the hard part but was he ever wrong. When he almost loses her and their future, he struggles to understand why she won’t give up being a sniper. Maya must make the tough decision of changing her life for her future. Can she? Who on the team will lose?


Katherine has a secret life that only a few know about, now she must investigate the only man to hold her heart. Tony is angry with the world and the woman he cares about is lying to him. Will they find a future together or will a new woman step in to take Kat’s forever?


The team suffers several devastating losses and needs to learn to recover from them. The only way to is to insure they are never caught off guard again. A new enemy plays dirtier than Sir ever did, and the team is getting ready to face more dangers than ever.


This on-going mystery continues to pull in the readers. Includes Second Chance’s Kiss, Sniper’s Kiss Goodnight, and Identity’s Kiss.

Securities International Volume 5

Releases July 23 Book will ship August 1
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