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From award-winning author E.M. Shue comes another grizzly Devil’s Handmaidens MC novel. A new darkness is coming to Alaska after Reaper and Jinx. With secrets revealed, it’s time to face the aftermath in this conclusion to their story.


River “Jinx” Schmidt has closed off her heart after Reaper’s betrayal. Returning to her hometown with her best friend and MC club hasn’t been the welcoming distraction she’d hoped for. The town holds too many painful memories of the parents she lost when she was a teen. Every day, she slides further and further into depression and her art, seeking solace in her own world when she can.

Klay “Reaper” Ulrich regrets hurting Jinx and abandoning her the way he did. After turning his back on his career, he chases after the woman he loves. Reaper reenters her life without warning, determined to win her back. He’ll make her understand he had no other option. Both their lives depended on the choice he made the fateful day he lost her.

Then an enemy from Reaper’s past surfaces in Alaska. All of the secrets and lies Reaper has told come back to haunt him. When Jinx is taken, Reaper will kill to get her back. But with time running out and Jinx left in the Wilds of Alaska, she’ll have to learn it’s not just physical strength but heart that she needs to save herself.


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