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I celebrated my 21st birthday in style by losing my V-card to the hottest man I’ve ever met. But I didn’t realize how much trouble I would be in. How much my body would want him. With no room for romance in my life, I snuck out the next morning sure I’d never see him again.


But then my one-night stand shows up we’re I least expected him. He’s the new head of ER in my town where I’m a paramedic. And when Dr. Trouble sets his sights on me, he wants more than I can give. I can’t stretch myself that thin, not when I have younger siblings to care for and an addict brother to keep drug-free.

So what’s the good doctor do? He demands my submission. He demands my will and my body. But our hospital has a no-fraternization policy. What the hell am I going to do?


The doctor is ready to see you now. The paramedic is ready to treat you. Come hang out with the Doctors of Eastport General. Award-winning author E.M. Shue gives you a new erotic romance with the action you expect and love.

Doctor Trouble

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