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Declan has a troubled past. An ex he hid his true self from and lots of baggage he didn’t want to expose the sweet little Callie to. After a misunderstanding sends her running from the protection of Securities International, he decides to go after the innocent country girl.

Callie has been called spoiled, self-indulgent, and the unsuccessful one in her family. She’s ready to prove them all wrong. She gets a job on her own, pays her rent, and hides under the radar from all the people looking for her, including the Hierarchy and Sir.

When Declan walks into the club and finds the beautiful Callie doing the last thing he ever expected, he’s not only shocked but rocked to his toes with desire. She isn’t as sweet and innocent as he thought, and he’s ready for her submission now. But he’ll have to protect her from Sir, and the men who are after him.

Another installment in the steamy, action-packed suspense series Securities International by E.M. Shue. Get ready to take a trip to paradise, where not everything is beautiful and tropical.

Kiss of Submission: Securities International Book 9.5

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