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From Award-Winning Author E.M. Shue written in USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn’s Mafia Made Series. Her Exile is book 8 in the Mafia Made Series.


I am no one.

A ghost. 

I have very few memories of a life before this one. Because with a wave of her wrist she tore me from the only family that loved me. Sent me to a priest who sold me. My family thinks I’m dead. They are bitter dreams that haunt me.

Now I exist for one thing

To destroy.

I’m the person they bring in to take care of the monsters in the closet. I’m the destroyer of organized crime syndicates.

I’m now the monster.

Until I meet a man who promises me a future. Who tells me he wants me. Who doesn't care about the blood on my hands. And wants me to be...

His everything.

But what happens when he introduces me to my past?

He’ll become my lover and protector, but can he be the glue to hold me together when I find out the truth. That I have a family. A brother. A father. Men who would die for me.

Dario is my future and I’ll destroy anyone who tries to take him from me. Even the government that claims to have created me.

I’ve lived in Exile.

I’m ready to be free.


Her Exile HC

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