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2019 Beverley Award Winner in Contemporary Romance


It all started with a wager, a kiss and a man that never leaves her heart. Now years later Ana is scared, scarred and running from the monster she was married to. But the man who swears to protect her is the very man she measures all others against, The Lieutenant.

Joshua only kissed her once. One taste and he was hooked. One moment and he’d change everything for her. She's now under his protection, scared of her own shadow, but she is meant to be his. His Angel is finally within his arms, and she will never leave them.

Until one miscalculation and Ana is in the clutches of her worst nightmare. A man who scarred her body. In one moment Ana will risk her future to destroy the monster who haunts her dreams.

When time runs out can one kiss survive the cuts from her demon? Or will they both feel the slice of the scalpel?

In the second installment of Securities International, the team learns the mystery is more significant than they ever thought. Family will be threatened, and the past will rear its ugly head. Maya and Ana learn that fate has played with their lives too much. The team becomes a family, and a new home is built.


Angel's Kiss: Securities International Book 2

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