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Summer is ambitious and never wavering in her goals. She has the chance to make not only the Olympic Women’s Hockey team but be the first woman to play on Ramsey University’s hockey team as well. Watching her work the net reminds me of my love for the sport. She also makes my blood run hot through my veins and brings my dormant libido to life. 

As her coach, I shouldn’t want Summer. I can’t. It would blow my career. But as a man, I want her spread out on my bed so I can feast on her sweetness. I can be both her coach and lover. No one has to know what we do off the ice.

But soon the lines begin to blur, and not everyone wants to see her succeed. When our little secret is found out, not only is her future on the national team put in jeopardy but so is her life. I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make sure that Summer is all mine when this is over.

From award-winning author E.M. Shue, comes the final installment in the Ramsey University Series. This forbidden love, hockey, age gap, tough girl romance will steam up your pages.


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