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💊 The Doctors are Back! 💊

Are you ready to return to the halls of Eastport General?

The second season of Doctors of Eastport General Series will give you a taste of 13 new books in a shared world experience. All books are standalone but may include cross-over in characters or scenes.

About the Series:

Come on in and meet the new ER Physicians, Surgeons, Specialists, Residents, and patients that occupy the rooms and halls of the largest hospital on the coast of Rhode Island. You may even run into some of your favorite doctors from Season 1. We hope you are ready to fall in love with all the new sexy stories that take place inside the walls of Eastport General Hospital.

Releases Begin: March 6, 2023

Doctor Irresistible – Syd Ryan :

Doctor Mistake – Amy Stephens:

Doctor Divine – Tracy Broemmer:

Doctor, Please – Celeste Granger:

Doctor Frank Enstein – CA King:

Doctor Change of Heart – Amber Ghe:

Doctor Know – Mel Walker:

Doctor Delectable – TL Mayhew:

Doctor Love – Adryan Hart:

Doctor Danger – Pandora Snow:

Doctor Stuck-Up – A.N. Waugh:

Doctor Sinful – E.M. Shue:

Doctor Right – S.L. Sterling:

Haven’t Read Season 1? Check the books out here:

Want to keep up to date with the Doctors? Get on the list:

All books are FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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