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Release Day

The Write to Dance

Today is the release of the Authors & Dancers Against Cancer Anthology, The Write to Dance. It's available in KU or grab a copy proceeds go toward cancer research. My story Forever Finn's Kisses is in it. You aren't going to want to miss this story because it's getting ready to start a huge timeline interchange between Caine & Graco, Securities International, and Knights of Purgatory Syndicate. Three stories that all interchange.

Forever Finn's Kisses

From four-time award winning author E.M. Shue comes a sizzling new spin-off of both the Caine & Graco Saga and Securities International Series.

Is there love after loss?

Love is never an easy path to take, but for Taliah and Finn it ended a long time ago on a cold spring day. She was moving on with her life toward becoming an attorney in a big city and he wanted to become a sheriff in a small town. Two lives meant for each other but destined to part.

Taliah has battled through cancer, death, and secrets away from the man she loved, always wanting more and always dreaming of him. Now she's given up on happily ever after. Cancer took her ability to have a child. Death took her only brother. Secrets keep her locked on a Scottish compound forever safe but always tortured with what could have been.

Finn made his dream career come true he's the sheriff in his hometown. His heart cold as ice because he'll never love like he did with Taliah. War and a broken heart have left him jaded and against happily ever afters.

Can you build a family on your own?

One phone call changes Taliah's path. She's on her way back to the United States to adopt a baby but isn't aware she will uncover a connection to an old case that exposes her and her client to death again. Taliah only has one hope, hiding out in a small West Virginia town with an old friend helping her.

Finn is on patrol when a beauty catches his eye. A beauty whose body he dreams about every night. No woman has stood up to the memories of his one true love. He’s so hardened he isn't sure there is any love left in his heart for her, but he can't stop himself from having one kiss.

Can one Kiss change the past?

Fate and a match-making father put them back in the path of each other and Forever is in their sites if they are willing to take a chance. With her past coming after them Finn will do anything to protect his new family. Taliah is finally ready for forever if Finn keeps Kissing her.

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