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Jackson Revealed


I’ll get my revenge on him. He tried to destroy me, but I will be the last one standing. I’ll finish him and everyone associated with him. She was meant to be mine, but he got to her, and together they betrayed me.

I don’t know where he is yet. But thanks to the information I got from the U.S. Marshal, I know exactly where to find her. I’ve been watching her for a few days now, long enough to learn that she doesn’t have contact with him. It doesn’t matter. I know how to lure him out of hiding.

I watch her approach and wait for her to get closer. She’s all alone at the moment. Her agent isn’t following her as she strolls through the park, or what this podunk Kansas town calls a park. This place is a far cry from Central Park. I look up at the night sky and take in all the stars. I’ll give this place credit for that view. You can barely see the stars back in the city from all the lights. I turn back to my prey and take her in. I remember when she was desired by so many men. She looks so plain now dressed in jeans, a flannel shirt, and her once blond hair is now dark, showing her true heritage. She looks around as if she can see me. Maybe she feels me. I was going to claim her. She would have been treated well as my mistress, but she wanted him. He was supposed to be a soldier, but he lied about his identity and caused me to go into hiding. I was about ready to prove we didn’t need the now defunct cartel backing and I could get my own suppliers.

She moves around the corner, and I slowly make my way up behind her. I slip my hand into my pocket and pull out the knife. I hit the button and the blade pops out. She turns at the sound, her eyes flaring wide. I strike and bury my knife deep into her chest, piercing her heart. I pull it out and spin her around in my arms. I lean in close to her ear and bite her lobe viciously, leaving a mark.

“I’ll kill her and him before I’m done.”

She tries to fight but it’s futile. I slide the blood coated blade across her throat, killing her instantly. Her blood spurts from her body and I smile as I watch it pump out of her. I drop her limp form and step back into the shadows to wait for the man who I know will be along shortly to make sure she makes it home. The fucking U.S. Marshal will be the next to die by my blade. Then I will wait and watch until the others lead me to him. I’ll kill them all, including his spawn.

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