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Her Exile Excerpt Reveal

When I step into the bar, soft piano music draws me in for a moment. It’s calming to my senses. I look over and see the wide back of a man moving to the music as he plays. His dark head looks across the shiny surface and down so I can’t see his face. I walk to the bar and carefully hook my heel over the rung of the chair as I pull up to sit on it. I’m careful to make sure my dress doesn’t cause me to flash anyone. The music stops, and I look up to see soft brownish eyes looking at me. He raises his eyebrow as his eyes move down my body, taking me in as if he’s sliding his hand down my skin in the softest caress. My breath hitches, and I’m instantly turned on.

This doesn’t happen to me. I don’t desire to be touched by anyone, but I want this man. His dark hair is wavy and brushed back from his face. He has a short, groomed beard and mustache, and he keeps his dark eyebrow raised as he continues to stare my way. He smirks with a tip of his kissable full lips. I look down and see that my dress has slipped and is showing too much leg. I fix it and look back up. He shrugs, and his smirk turns into a full smile.

I break eye contact with him and turn to the bar to order a Kir Royale. One look in the mirror behind the bar shows he’s still focused on me as he begins playing again. I take him in. He’s dressed in black slacks that end at his ankle, loafers that look like he doesn’t have socks on, and a black silky short-sleeved shirt buttoned to his collarbone. His long legs let me know he’s probably well over six feet tall. Muscles that are long and sinewy ripple under his shirt. He’s not taking his eyes off me as he continues to play, and desire pools in my belly. My nipples pucker behind the pasties I’m wearing so I can go braless in this dress. Gooseflesh pops up on my back as he continues to stare.

Movement in the mirror causes me to look away, and I see my target walk into the room. He’s only accompanied by one guard. I’m ready to make my move when the second walks in with a young woman.

She changes everything.

I was going to be the lure and get him to take me to his room, but now I must alter my plans. I calculate how I’m going to get her out and still fulfill my mission. It’s going to be harder, but I need to save her if I can. She’s too young.

With my focus on my mark, I don’t notice the piano music has stopped until a body stands near me. I completely missed his approach because I was focused on the couple across the room.

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