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Confined Space: KB Everyday Heroes World

Chapter Reveal

Prologue Coldness seeps into my body and I open my eyes to darkness. I blink several times trying to figure out why the house is so dark. The only thing I can think of is the power must be out, but then the memories of leaving work and walking to my car come back to me. I move around and feel a hard surface above me, below, and to my sides. Raising my hands, I brush them against the surface. Oh God! Panic sets in and I scream and hit above me until dirt rains down on me. I still as realization comes to me. I’m in a box. Buried alive. I'm going to die, and Rowdy won't know where I am. And my baby… Tears flow from my eyes. I'll never see my son again. He’s too young to remember me. He'll grow up without me. I cry out and cover my face with my hands, trying to hide from the truth. Rowdy doesn't even know I love him because I was too scared to say the words. At least I know he'll raise my son and give him a good life. The cold seeps further into my bones and I start to shiver. I don't know where I am. How deep I'm buried. How much air I have left. The urge to scream and fight is so great, but I need to conserve my oxygen as much as I can and pray Rowdy is looking for me. I was on the phone with him when I left the hospital; he'll be expecting me. Did he hear what happened? Is he looking for me now? "Shallow breaths, Coral. You will die down there." A voice I know and fear comes from behind my head. I tip my head back and make out a small box in the dark. "Why?" "Because I can't have anyone know about you. I'm going after your baby next," he says, and I start screaming. "Remember your oxygen, Coral." "Please no." I cry out. "Goodbye, Coral." There is a clicking sound and I realize he's gone. Please, please, please, God, don't let him hurt my son. I pray out to the universe. To a spiritual entity I haven't believed in for a very long time.

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