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Accidentally Noah

Chapter Reveal


I sit in my car several houses down the street watching her parents’ house. I'm so glad I overheard the conversation in the store between her mom and another woman. Of course, she didn't know I was there, hiding around the corner. I'm not supposed to be anywhere near them, but I must get her back. I need her.

My skin crawls in anticipation. It’s been over five years since I've seen her. The night she left me, she broke me, but I always knew she would come back to me. She is my queen. I've killed for her. She doesn't know it, but I killed the boy who took her virginity and her away from me.

The yellow cab pulls up in front and sits there for a moment. I slide down in my seat so she can't see me and watch as the back door opens. The dark cap on my head covers my blond hair.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be here." The old, nosey neighbor beats on the top of my car. "You better leave before I call the cops."

"Leave me alone, you fucking bat." I sit up and yell at her. I'm about to pull out my gun when movement in front of me catches my eye.

I watch her move to the side to talk to the cabbie. She's beautiful. From this distance I can see the sun-kissed glow of her skin, like she's spent time out in the sun. She's in distressed skinny jeans that hug all her curves and are rolled at the cuffs showing her ankles. A white T-shirt with a black suit jacket over the top. Over her arm is another coat and her bag. The high-heeled black strappy type of shoes would have to go. I don't like how provocative the outfit is, but I can see she's matured in her style. Her blond hair is long down her back and straightened. It shines in the November sun.

The woman continues to yell as I watch my queen stand on the sidewalk trying to decide if she's going to go in. Instead she turns and looks my way. I know the moment she sees me, and her fear is evident by the tightening of her body.

"Yeah, babe, you owe me something," I say to the empty car.

She turns away shaking herself as I turn over the engine ready to go to her or take off. She'll decide what my decision will be. She has this one chance to prove she still wants me or not.

She looks up at her parents standing on the porch. Her mother has her hands over her mouth and her father looks thinner than he used to. She turns back to look at me and points. I put the car in drive as both her brothers push past their parents and come off the porch. I whip the car around and watch them chase after me in the rearview mirror. The last glimpse I have of her is her jumping back into the cab and taking off in the opposite direction.

Fuck, wrong decision, my queen. Now I'm going to play dirty.

That old lady messed up my plans. She'll be taken care of. Then I'm going to find my queen and make her mine again. Five and a half years is too long to be without her sweetness. I've sacrificed too much for her and done too much.

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