The first book in the

Caine & Graco Saga is coming October 22.

Blind date or pity date?


When Kenzie's comment to her bestie about her dating life or lack there of is broadcast over open air she finds herself in the spotlight. Guys are wanting to date her to prove her opinion is wrong and other's are wanting to date her out of sympathy for her plight.


Noah has no clue what was said or why she's yelling at him saying she doesn't want to be on no pity date. All he knows is this is the one for him. Just like his father always told him when he found the right girl his soul would sing. Well it's singing alright, Barry White songs.


When a violent man from Kenzie's past makes himself known Noah will risk his career for his love. Kenzie will do whatever is necessary to protect her family and Noah.

I can not say enough good things about this book, this series or this writer. E. M. Shue does not disappoint with this dramatic action packed romantic comedy. The passion, heat and love from Raul and Dani is exhilarating and it will make you feel like you are going to explode. The story arc in this series is phenomenal and well thought out and this book only continues with the great caliber of drama and writing we are used to seeing from Shue. You are not going to want to put this one down so her comfortable and make sure your day is clear so you can get started on this amazing adventure!

Goodreads Reviewer

This one really got to me, it had me in tears.
Each one is getting closer and closer to showing us who Sir is. I NEED to know!
Really got lost in this one, didn't even put it down for dinner, just one long binge!
Sigh, now the tough stop it or go ahead and finish the next. Choices, choices

Amazon Reviewer

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