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May 11

DHMC Alaska Chapter Book 1


At seventeen Scout “Riddler” Keller was left wrecked. Destroyed by the boy she loved and left to pick up the pieces for a new life. She carries a piece paper in her wallet with her every day to remind her to only trust the sisters in her club. They are her new family and have been there for her and her young daughter through the years.

Riddler was sure she’d never see Thad again. When she returns home after her father is brutally murdered, she doesn’t expect Thad to be the investigator on the case. He wants to start over with Riddler, but still has the paper as a reminder of what he did to her.

When several young girls disappear from the area and it ties into her father’s murder, Riddler will call on her MC friends for help. But when the truth of who is behind it all is revealed, she’ll have to protect herself and her family. Will she turn to Thad and give him another chance, or is her new life too far from the law for him? 

First Chapter
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