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Truth's Kiss
Book 10



They say the truth will set you free.

All Piper wants is to heal and recover from a great loss. But that loss is compounded by the fact she’s in a new country surrounded by strangers. Her life has been changed forever. The man she gave her heart to shattered it with one lie, alternating the course of her future.

Luca has spoken the truth since the day Piper ran. The problem is the truth doesn’t align with what’s in his heart. He regrets the decisions he made and the words that came out of his mouth. Luca wants to fix what he broke, no matter the cost. But before he can move forward, he has to get over his past.

When Piper is found, and her secrets are revealed, Securities International will never be the same. The past and future are about to collide as new enemies descend on the team and their loved ones. Once the dust settles, there will be too many scars left to count.

The next book in the award-winning Securities International series slices through the lies of the past to reveal the truth hidden beneath.

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