Securities International Series

Action-packed hot and steamy romantic suspense series. This is an ongoing mystery so start from the beginning and get to know the team.

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Sniper's Kiss
Book 1
2018 Beverley Award Winner


Police sniper Maya Aaron finds herself in the crosshairs of not just one but two madmen. One sends her flowers with secret meanings, the other? He’ll stop at nothing to control her, including framing her for murder. 

All she’s ever wanted was to protect the few people she's allowed into her life - by studying Krav Maga, shooting at the range, knife fighting and riding her motorcycle fast.

But when she gives in to former British SAS Officer Duncan’s dominant desires, her stalkers find out and set their sights on destroying him and her friends. Duncan finally feels he's found his 'worth it' and he will battle anyone that gets in his way. But can he survive when she pushes him away? 

Maya decides to come out of the shadows, guns blazing, removing her stalker problems once and for all. Can she have a life she never dared dream of and keep everyone safe? When the smoke clears will she have a chance with the man that ignites her soul?​

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Angel's Kiss
Book 2
2019 Beverley Award Winner



It all started with a wager, a kiss and a man that never leaves her heart. Now years later Ana is scared, scarred and running from the monster she was married to. But the man who swears to protect her is the very man she measures all others against, The Lieutenant.

Joshua only kissed her once. One taste and he was hooked. One moment and he’d change everything for her. She's now under his protection, scared of her own shadow, but she is meant to be his. His Angel is finally within his arms, and she will never leave them.

Until one miscalculation and Ana is in the clutches of her worst nightmare. A man who scarred her body. In one moment Ana will risk her future to destroy the monster who haunts her dreams.

When time runs out can one kiss survive the cuts from her demon? Or will they both feel the slice of the scalpel?

In the second installment of Securities International, the team learns the mystery is more significant than they ever thought. Family will be threatened, and the past will rear its ugly head. Maya and Ana learn that fate has played with their lives too much. The team becomes a family, and a new home is built.

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Tougher Embrace
Book 2.5
Part of the I Ain't Your Mama Collab
2020 Beverley Award Finalist



How long is too long to make the man you love wait for you?

Patrice is running from her ex-husband, a man who will hunt her down to possess her. A man that threatens to kill his own son. This is the man she will make a pact with to save her son and the man she loves.

Michael is struggling to learn how to live without the military, but when an old friend calls in a favor, he jumps at the chance to be needed again. Now he finds himself promising the beautiful woman that he will protect her son regardless of what he was hired to do.

What happens when all the reasons to not be together are relieved? Will Patrice be able to jump the last gate to be with Michael?

A Securities International prequel.

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Love's First Kiss
Book 3



Jen thought she had it all. Medical career, husband, and a surprise, but when one man walks through her door and destroys it all she’s left picking up the pieces. 


Ian never felt worthy of Jen’s love. He wasn’t surprised by the Dear John and divorce papers. Now she’s back over a year later and asking for help.


When the bombs start to explode,and Ian can'tdefuse them fast enough will he believe what's always been the truth? Will Jen survive being owned by a terrorist?


In this latest installment of The Securities International series,we’regetting closer to the mastermind,but he keeps slipping throughtheir fingers

Secret's Kiss
Book 4
2019 Beverley Award Finalist


She was the secret some would die to protect, and others would kill to possess. Since Daniella was twelve years old, she knew a dangerous man was after her, but that never stopped her from becoming one of MI6's deep undercover agents. Now she's searching for her friend’s sister, who's been sold into a sex slave ring, and she'll go undercover deeper than she's ever gone before to rescue her. But instead of her friend, she finds the one man who sets her blood on fire. Unfortunately, he has ties to one of the most dangerous cartels known. The next thing she knows a deal is being made and her world changes in an instant.

Raul has tried to outrun his birthright most of his life, but he's locked and loaded with his enemy to protect the only woman he's ever loved. He'll make a deal with the devil himself to protect her. Even though his enemies are just as dangerous as hers, he’ll sacrifice everything for their love.

When bullets fly and knives collide the secrets will be revealed, or they'll both die to protect the future.

In the fourth installment of Securities International, the secrets of Cara's past are revealed. The Protector comes out of hiding and Sir could be next. One member of the team might never come home. Guns, knives, and fast cars race through this hot and steamy happily for now.

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Second Chance's Kiss
Book 5

Bekah is the receptionist for Securities International and a widowed mother. Quiet, reserved, and elegant. That’s what they see, but the truth is far darker. She’s an elite hacker who has been in hiding for most of her life. Her past and secrets cover her body with the images her soul wants to bare. Her desires run dark. Now the man she’s slowly been losing her heart too is lying in a hospital bed dying. Bekah did what she could to save him putting her own and her young daughter’s lives in danger. Protecting Meghan at all costs is Bekah’s top priority. But when the threat comes to close Bekah will come out of the shadows and not only hack whoever she needs to but will fight with the talents Securities International has taught her.

Derek is broken. His life is hanging by a thread and the woman he’s willing to take a Second Chance on is Sir’s next target. He'll push his body to its very last breath to save Bekah and Meghan. Derek will sacrifice himself to protect them. He’s ready to live a full life and take a chance on love with the fiery red-head. He’s prepared to open up his desires to her. But will it be enough? Are his passion and strength enough to heal the wounds they both carry? Is Bekah ready to let him lead?

When the clock is ticking, and the bullets are spent will Bekah and Derek find their Second Chance?

In the fifth installment of Securities International, Sir is revealed, but another is waiting to take his place. The team is separated are they weaker when they're divided? And one member is willing to sacrifice their future. Guns, motorcycles, and explosions ensue in this hot and steamy happily for now.

Sniper's Kiss Goodnight
Book 5.5

Happily, ever after usually starts with I do!

Duncan is ready for the next stage of his marriage to Maya. He holds his ‘worth it’ in his arms every night, while their passion grows ever stronger.

Maya used to fear the future until she met Duncan, but now she's ready to live. She's finally willing to let someone else behind the scope and be a leader.

But their past is about to collide with their future. When the shot is dead center, who will walk away?

Identity's Kiss 
Book 6 

Kathryn's life is secrets and lies. A CIA operative who regularly breaks the rules and conducts investigations within US borders. She wakes up every morning to look in the mirror at a woman that isn't her, she is truly two women trapped in one body. When her sister is kidnapped, she'll use the US government, Securities International and even the one man who ignites her body. The man that hates her, for her lies.

Tony will do anything to build his career back to where it was before his father destroyed it. As a deep cover CIA operative, he will annihilate the man that fathered him while using the one woman he denies himself of. The one woman that brings his dominant desires to the surface. He knows there is more to her than a runway model, but he can't crack her.

They embark on a journey to destroy one man and find her sister, but instead, they find death and destruction. When an act of selflessness turns into the ending, another rises from the ashes to make herself known.

Paige has waited years to be seen. She's ready to step forward, but are they ready to get to know her?

After the truths are revealed and the explosions die down, will Tony find his future with Paige or will his heart always belong to Kathryn?

In this sixth installment of the Securities International series the team gains new members and loses others. Can the team recover from the loss, or will they crumble?  The new Sir dominates the Hierarchy and leaves bodies in his wake.

Hope's Kiss 
Book 7 

Damaged and destroyed that's what Vivian thought she was. Rescued from a sex slave collector she isn't even half the woman she was before she was kidnapped. Now she needs to learn to deal with all that comes in the aftermath.


Death and destruction that's what Timothy thought he brought to his team. Until he sees a woman that calms his inner demons and eases his pain. He'll protect her from even her shadow if she'd let him.


But is Timothy strong enough to hold Vivian together as she shatters around them? Is Vivian willing to trust a man with her heart when she's not sure she even has one anymore?


When her mind is triggered by the code word will they both survive 'The Collector'? Or will they break?

Forever's Embrace
Book 7.5 

Lies of the past
Renee has spent half her life pretending to be someone she isn't. Now she has the chance to be herself and have a relationship with her family, but all she ends up doing is hurting those she loves. She's finally ready to live without the lies of the past but she needs to learn from them too.
Lies for a future
Greg has never told his son the truth. He lied to protect the future, and someone has figured it out and is after him now. Suspected in a murder he didn't commit, and out in the open where the elusive Sir lurks, he will have to fight his hardest battle ever. Left by the woman he loves, he must figure out that to live in the future, you must let go of the lies.
Truth to survive
When Renee and Greg finally come together, their lies will either bury them or resurrect them. If they want a future beyond the lies, they’ll have to learn that even when the truth hurts, it must be told.

Justice's Kiss
Book 8

Life is a gamble Nikki isn’t willing to take. Over the years, Zach has gone from being the boy next door, to the only man to hold her heart. But life has made a habit of getting in their way. And the Zach standing before her now, with his heart in his hands and love in his eyes, doesn’t know her pain. How justice has failed her.


The odds are stacked against him, but Nikki is the only woman Zach has ever loved. When fate puts her back in his life, he’ll challenge the devil himself to keep her. But Zach doesn’t really know the stakes. He doesn’t know what life has already dealt her, and how she survived.


Nikki’s past and future are about to collide in a deadly game of chance. There’s a joker in the deck with his sights set on the one that got away. When Nikki goes missing, Zach will have to use every bit of his training to bring home the woman he loves.


Bets are placed, the die is cast, and bodies will fall where they may. This time justice is out for retribution.  

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Duchess's Kiss
Book 9 


From award-winning author E.M. Shue comes another gripping installment of the Securities International series.

Mikayla “The Duchess” is all about casual sex and hookups. She doesn’t have time for commitment or love. Besides, there will never be a man to love her as strongly as she needs. She races motorcycles, jumps in front of bullets, and throws a middle finger at conformity and convention. Adrenaline helps cover the pain of her past, but it’s never enough. The walls she builds are stronger than anyone knows, until one word stops her. Mum.

Single father Wesley left his life as a Navy Seal to raise his son after his baby momma split. Now he takes jobs that bring him home at night. His sole focus is raising Blake. But then the blonde bombshell walked into his life. She’s related to royalty and races through life like it’s a motocross speedway. Until she runs, and all he can think about is being her enough.

When a man bent on her title and land partners with Sir, Mikayla learns that adrenaline can hurt, even kill. Now the very company she worked for—and the man who has the power to settle her—must protect her.

When the throttle is twisted wide open, The Duchess and Ghost will learn what is enough for them both.

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Kiss of Submission


Declan has a troubled past. An ex he hid his true self from and lots of baggage he didn’t want to expose the sweet little Callie to. After a misunderstanding sends her running from the protection of Securities International, he decides to go after the innocent country girl.

Callie has been called spoiled, self-indulgent, and the unsuccessful one in her family. She’s ready to prove them all wrong. She gets a job on her own, pays her rent, and hides under the radar from all the people looking for her, including the Hierarchy and Sir.

When Declan walks into the club and finds the beautiful Callie doing the last thing he ever expected, he’s not only shocked but rocked to his toes with desire. She isn’t as sweet and innocent as he thought, and he’s ready for her submission now. But he’ll have to protect her from Sir, and the men who are after him.

Another installment in the steamy, action-packed suspense series Securities International by E.M. Shue. Get ready to take a trip to paradise, where not everything is beautiful and tropical.

Book 9.5
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Securities International Volume 1

E-Book and exclusive hardcover only 

The first three books in the award winning suspenseful-action packed series. 

Maya builds a team to protect her family from the elusive Sir and the Hierarchy. In so doing she will find the man who equals her. Joshua, her partner, merges his company Securities International with her military and police network, building an organization to battle sex traffickers, terrorists and criminal organizations. As the team and their families grow Sir will be thwarted and secrets will be revealed. This on-going mystery will pull you in until the very end.


Includes Sniper's Kiss, Angel's Kiss and Tougher Embrace.

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Securities International Volume 2

E-Book and exclusive hardcover only

Books three and four in the award-winning suspenseful-action packed series, Securities International.


Ian finds out his ex-wife might not be an ex and the team must rescue her before she’s sold to a terrorist.


Raul can’t have relationships because his secret past could use them against him, until he finds a woman with more secrets than him.


As the team goes through growing pains and the family gets bigger new members bring their baggage and ties to the deadly Hierarchy. Sir is ready to make his devious plan permanent, is Maya and the team ready?


This on-going mystery will pull you in until the very end. Includes Love’s First Kiss and Secret’s Kiss.

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Securities International Volume 3
E-Book and Exclusive hardcover only

Books five, five and half, and six in the award-winning suspenseful-action packed series, Securities International.

Derek has only one chance to save the love of his life, sacrifice himself. Sir finally has the leverage he needs to get Maya. Will it work?


Duncan thought that getting Maya to the alter was the hard part but was he ever wrong. When he almost loses her and their future, he struggles to understand why she won’t give up being a sniper. Maya must make the tough decision of changing her life for her future. Can she? Who on the team will lose?


Katherine has a secret life that only a few know about, now she must investigate the only man to hold her heart. Tony is angry with the world and the woman he cares about is lying to him. Will they find a future together or will a new woman step in to take Kat’s forever?


The team suffers several devastating losses and needs to learn to recover from them. The only way to is to insure they are never caught off guard again. A new enemy plays dirtier than Sir ever did, and the team is getting ready to face more dangers than ever. 


This on-going mystery continues to pull in the readers. Includes Second Chance’s Kiss, Sniper’s Kiss Goodnight, and Identity’s Kiss.