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Secret's Kiss
Book 4


Daniella was the secret some would die to protect, and others would kill to possess. But as a deep undercover MI6 agent and profiler she tries to ignore the threats and her past. Now she's trying to find the woman that's like a little sister to her, who was sold by human traffickers. But instead of rescuing her she finds herself on the very same auction block. Unfortunately, the man that buys her is also undercover and he's the man that sets her blood on fire. But he's also tied to one of the most dangerous cartels and they want her too.

Raul denies his past and his birthright every chance he can. When that past finds the only woman to ever stir his heart, he'll make the deal that will submerge him back into their grip. He's locked and loaded, will marry her to protect her, but can he keep his promise to let her go in a year.

When her enemies are more dangerous than his and her past ties with other members of the team, they will race through the streets of Barcelona trying to escape what they both know.

When the bullets fly and the knives collide the secrets will be revealed, or they'll both die to protect their future. In this next installment of the Securities International series the secrets of Cara's past are revealed. The Protector comes out of hiding and Sir could be next. One member of the team might never come home.

Guns, knives and fast cars race through this hot and steamy happily for now.

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