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When the flop is turned, I realize what I have.

The winning hand.

But she doesn’t know that, so I’m going all in.

I’m part owner of the Lucky Dice Casino, one of the most popular on the Strip. My life consists of order, my computer, and numbers. My one vice is an exclusive club for the wealthy and very private. That’s where I met my dream girl. She’s everything I want and so much more.  

When she runs from me, the last place I expect to find her is in the Russian Bratva’s Las Vegas headquarters. My dark-haired beauty has been a naughty girl. She’s in the Bratva’s crosshairs, as well as the other organized families in town. But she’s mine. I’ll give her my protection…as long as she takes my name.

Everything I own is on the table, and she’s my prize.

I won’t lose.

This next installment in the dark mafia romance series Russian Cardroom will leave you enchanted.

All In

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