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Precious Kiss
Book 9.25


What’s more precious than the love of your life and children? That’s all Nikki thinks about. The precious children she took under her wing at eighteen. But now one of them has run away, and Zach wants to have a baby. He doesn’t pressure her, but she feels it. She knows he deserves his own child, but is she worthy of that miracle? After all, she pushed her daughter away, obviously. And she hasn’t gotten pregnant, felt the joy of nurturing a life inside of her, while others around her only have to drink the water to do so.


She’s ready to embark on the testing and hormones, everything involved to carry a child in her womb. She just needs to heal from the past. To move on with her life. Is she really ready to proceed?


Nikki and Zach return with a glimpse into their new lives together. They got their happily ever after, but life continues well beyond the last page. Join award-winning author E.M. Shue as she takes you on an emotional journey through the ups and downs of infertility—the struggle and sacrifice, the strength, and, most of all, the devotion between two people extremely in love.

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