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Tougher Embrace

How long is too long to make the man you love wait for you?

Patrice is running from her ex-husband, a man who will hunt her down to possess her. A man that threatens to kill his own son. This is the man she will make a pact with to save her son and the man she loves.

Michael is struggling to learn how to live without the military, but when an old friend calls in a favor, he jumps at the chance to be needed again. Now he finds himself promising the beautiful woman that he will protect her son regardless of what he was hired to do.

What happens when all the reasons to not be together are relieved? Will Patrice be able to jump the last gate to be with Michael?

A Securities International prequel.

I Ain’t Your Mama is a collaboration comprised of nine authors who have come together to bring you brand spanking new stories where strong, leading ladies show exactly how good they can do it! Women are incredible beings, filled with beauty and grace, and these heroines will have you cheering them on as they go after their own slice of happy!

Each book is a standalone and can be enjoyed while sipping an ice-cold drink, spiked or not that’s up to you! So, one-click, pull up a comfy chair, and dive into these fun reads where women end up on top!

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