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Cover Reveal

💥💥 Cover Reveal and Pre-Order💥💥

💂 Duchess's Kiss: Securities International Book 9

Coming: March 30

Cover Designer: Leah Holt

Leah, thank you for another beautiful cover. I know this one was a bit tricky but I think we got a winner here. You're the best for putting up with me.

Cover Models: Killion Group Images - Allen & Loren


From award-winning author E.M. Shue comes another gripping installment of the Securities International series.

Mikayla “The Duchess” is all about casual sex and hookups. She doesn’t have time for commitment or love. Besides, there will never be a man to love her as strongly as she needs. She races motorcycles, jumps in front of bullets, and throws a middle finger at conformity and convention. Adrenaline helps cover the pain of her past, but it’s never enough. The walls she builds are stronger than anyone knows, until one word stops her. Mum.

Single father Wesley left his life as a Navy Seal to raise his son after his baby momma split. Now he takes jobs that bring him home at night. His sole focus is raising Blake. But then the blonde bombshell walked into his life. She’s related to royalty and races through life like it’s a motocross speedway. Until she runs, and all he can think about is being her enough.

When a man bent on her title and land partners with Sir, Mikayla learns that adrenaline can hurt, even kill. Now the very company she worked for—and the man who has the power to settle her—must protect her.

When the throttle is twisted wide open, The Duchess and Ghost will learn what is enough for them both.


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