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A Seductive Beauty

Chapter Reveal


I lift my eyes at the clicking sound and look through the barrel of a revolver. As the gun cocks, I watch the chamber rotate, and the next bullet moves up in line. Fear prickles along my skin as I worry my bottom lip. My heart clenches at the thought of never seeing the ones I love again. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive this, but maybe I can keep him distracted until help arrives. Because I know they will come for me.

“Please. You don’t have to do this.” I look up past the gun and into his eyes. Eyes I’ve known for a while now. To a man I was supposed to marry. All I see is anger and hate.

“If I kill you now and take off, he won’t ever find me. I can leave Ireland. He only has power here.”

“He’ll never stop. He’ll find you, and he will end you after he tortures you. You’ll beg for death, and he’ll continue to hurt you.”

“Not if he can’t find me, he can’t.” His smile is too big. His confidence is faltering.

“He has a man you can never hide from. He’ll find you no matter where you go. You can’t hide from cameras; they are everywhere nowadays. Besides, you can’t live without money.”

“I can. I will.” He straightens his back and paces the room. He sounds like he’s trying to convince me along with himself.

“But why? Why do you have to kill me?” The tears start again.

“To get even with him.”

“What?” My voice rises.

“You are his only weakness.”

He raises the gun and fires.

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