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COMING Spring 2020
Forever's Embrace

Lies of the past


Renee has spent half her life pretending to be someone she isn't. Now she has the chance to be herself and have a relationship with her family but all she ends up doing to hurting those she loves. She's finally ready to live without the lies of the past but she needs to learn from them too.


Lies for a future


Greg has never told his son the truth. He lied to protect the future and someone has figured it out and is after him now. Suspected in a murder he didn't commit and out in the open where the elusive Sir is he will have to fight his hardest battle ever. Left by the woman he loves he must figure out that to live in the future you must let go of the lies.


Truth to survive


When these two finally come together their lies will either bury them or resurrect them. Can Greg and Renee find a future past the lies? Will they learn that even when the truth hurts its must be told?

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COMING Summer 2020
Justice's Kiss

Knowing someone and really knowing someone are two different things.


Nikki has known Zach most of her life, as her friend and the boy across the street. She's also known him as her lover, the only man to hold her heart. But this new man standing before her with his heart in his hand and love in his eyes doesn’t know her pain. He doesn’t know how broken she is. How she will never be whole again or be able to give him what he deserves. 


Zach has only loved one woman. At every turn she’s pushed him away, leaving him heart broken. When fate puts her back in his path, he’ll move heaven and earth to keep her. But does Zach really know why Nikki is so closed off? Does he know what she survived and battles daily?


Nikki’s past and future are about to collide in a deadly way. The serial killer has his sights set on the one that got away. Zach will use every bit of his training to bring home the woman he loves.


Can Nikki and Zach have a happily ever after finally after all these years? Will Nikki open her heart to love him finally no matter what their future holds?

Goodreads Link: 43558128-justice-s-kiss

COMING Fall 2020
Lost In Linc

Lost in Linc


Passion or Forever?


A job interview in a new city and an itch that needs scratched, Rylee only wants a weekend. But the stunning man whose only at the hotel for a friend's wedding wants to know everything about her. For the first time in a long time she feels safe.


One-night stands and quick fucks where all Linc has had time for. He's an NYPD detective and single dad, but when he sees the bombshell brunette he wants forever. But she won't even tell him her last name.


It's one weekend. One chance to feel more than an orgasm for them both. 


But is it forever?

Goodreads TBR Link - 49517991-lost-in-linc


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