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Hope's Kiss

Damaged and destroyed that's what Vivian thought she was. Rescued from a sex slave collector she isn't even half the woman she was before she was kidnapped. Now she needs to learn to deal with all that comes in the aftermath.


Death and destruction that's what Timothy thought he brought to his team. Until he sees a woman that calms his inner demons and eases his pain. He'll protect her from even her shadow if she'd let him.


But is Timothy strong enough to hold Vivian together as she shatters around them? Is Vivian willing to trust a man with her heart when she's not sure she even has one anymore?


When her mind is triggered by the code word will they both survive 'The Collector'? Or will they break?

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Zeke's Choice

Mistake or Eternal Love?


When a weekend away to blow off steam ends up with matrimony Jamie doesn't know what to do. She can't get him to file the divorce papers and she won't either. Something about him soothes her soul.


Mistake. Divorce. Oh hell no. Zeke Caine won't admit either of those when it comes to Jamie. She's his and he can't let her go. Okay maybe he should have told his family.


Now they find themselves on the same task force after a serial killer. When a twist of fate puts Jamie in danger Zeke will kill anyone in his path to protect her. But is he ready to admit he loves her? Or is Jamie ready run and leave him behind?

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Forever's Embrace

Lies of the past


Renee has spent half her life pretending to be someone she isn't. Now she has the chance to be herself and have a relationship with her family but all she ends up doing to hurting those she loves. She's finally ready to live without the lies of the past but she needs to learn from them too.


Lies for a future


Greg has never told his son the truth. He lied to protect the future and someone has figured it out and is after him now. Suspected in a murder he didn't commit and out in the open where the elusive Sir is he will have to fight his hardest battle ever. Left by the woman he loves he must figure out that to live in the future you must let go of the lies.


Truth to survive


When these two finally come together their lies will either bury them or resurrect them. Can Greg and Renee find a future past the lies? Will they learn that even when the truth hurts its must be told?

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