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Jackson Revealed


A Moment or Forever?

Morgan swore off love and family after the death of her father and the mental distress her mother endured thereafter. But a chance encounter and a one-night stand with a charming K9 officer changes everything, leaving Morgan to reevaluate her future and what she thought she wanted out of life.

When an unexpected knock on the door delivers a tiny bundle wrapped in pink, Jack’s future is flipped upside down. Raising his daughter and returning home to her every night soon becomes Jack’s sole focus. But he can’t forget the recent encounter with a certain sexy firefighter.

Both Morgan and Jack make the other explode with desire, and they both have challenging and dangerous careers. But when Jack’s past returns ready to ignite his future in a blaze of revenge, can he protect his daughter and Morgan from the darkness he barely escaped?

Past and future collide in this action-packed, steamy romantic suspense from award-winning author E.M. Shue.

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