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V is for Virtuous

She is everything sweet and innocent, and I am going to possess her, even if it is against the university’s rules. I’d risk my career just for a taste of her forbidden lips.

Her father has demanded that she swear herself to the church. But she has her own goals and plans. It’s how we met. How she came to be in my anthropology class. She wants to experience life, and I want to be her guide.

But is she willing to stand against her family and the church for a future with me? Is she willing to follow me wherever my career takes me?

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His Rebel

From Award-Winning Author E.M. Shue comes another Dark Mafia Romance written in USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn’s Mafia Made Series. His Rebel is book 5 in the Mafia Made Series.

Dante was born mafia. But won’t live it. Until McKenna.

Dante Lupo walked away from the mafia before it could take over his life just as it did other members of his family. As a contract killer he’s still deadly, but that all changes when he has one day with McKenna.

He’ll kill to protect her.

McKenna Johansen wakes up with no memories and on the verge of wanting to fight everyone around her, except the man standing over her saying she is his. Saying they will marry. But before she ties the knot, she needs to uncover her elusive past. She needs to know who she is.

She’ll rebel against him.

When a rival family sets its sights on ending McKenna’s bloodline, Dante will rejoin the family and utilize its protection for his soon-to-be wife.

This is a dark mafia romance with aspects of graphic violence. Proceed with caution.

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Santa Claus, Indiana just got hotter. These small-town romances are going to keep you on your toes with action, adventure, romance, and over the top alphas. Includes three previously published titles by award-winning author E.M. Shue.


Coal for Kiera


Coal is willing to sacrifice his freedom for the pretty waitress that just served him.


Hanna’s Valentine


Hugh will destroy everything in his path for the girl that got away.


Hailey’s Rodeo


Ethan doesn’t care what the consequences are he’ll dominate the young veterinarian.

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This book was filled with thrills and suspense and kept me wanting more so I couldn't put it down.

Amazon Reviewer

You want to read their story to find out what happens. Trust me it’s a heck of a story. Cannot wait for what she writes next.

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