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Frozen Heart

The full length story you got to partially read in: Fight Like A Girl

I was raised as the Las Vegas Bratva printsessa, but I fought that. I wanted to be my own woman, make my own way.

After joining the military and becoming an elite secret soldier, I thought my life was perfect, until it all came crashing down on me in a muddy alley.

It left me shattered to pieces.

My heart frozen to everyone, even my family.

I secluded myself from them all. To protect them and to protect myself.

Moving on with my life, I’ve found a way to make the broken pieces fit together. A way to feel pain and turn it into desire, even need. It enables me to permit a man to touch me finally without feeling revulsion.

A man that wants to fix me and thaw my heart, but I’m scared.

I jeopardized everything when I came out of the shadows to protect my new sister-in-law. Not only does my family now know why I’m broken, but my enemy has found me.

Leif is willing to put me back together one lash at a time. No matter how long it takes but am I willing to get back into the battle and finally win this war.

Or will my heart always be frozen?

Award-winning author E.M. Shue gives you another badass, tough as nails heroine who needs mending.

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