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Discovering Tyler
Book 1
Part of the Susan Stoker Special Forces Operation Alpha World


Tyler is a hardworking rescue firefighter with the FDNY. He’s battled through war and walls of flames, but he’s never contended with a woman’s heart. Until Madison. All bets are off when he sees her again at a Veteran’s gala. It doesn’t matter that she’s the opposite of every other woman he’s been attracted to because she is his. When he helps her through a panic attack and she returns the favor by staying with him, he thinks he’s got her. But he wakes up alone and finds she’s fled with no forwarding address. 


Madison struggles every day with the demons of war. PTSD is pulling her under, and she can’t fight it anymore. She decides to head to the Refuge, a place a friend suggested to help her deal with her waking nightmares and learn how her new body works. But she didn’t count on her one-night stand being associated with the Refuge. And now that he’s here and wants to help her, she can’t fight the attraction she has for him.


But little do they know a common enemy has followed them and wants his revenge. Madison will have to overcome her fears and fight for herself, while Tyler attempts to rescue them both before the flames get too close.


Another action-packed, suspenseful, steamy romance from award-winning author E.M. Shue writing in New York Times best-selling author Susan Stoker’s Special Forces Operation Alpha World. This is the first book in the new CGS New York Rescue Series, a spin-off of the Caine & Graco Saga.

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