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Beyond the Temptation
Volume 2


Do you dream of steamy nights and passionate days? Sink into all-consuming worlds where your every fantasy is waiting to be fulfilled. Find the passion you crave, test your boundaries, and heat up your sheets well into the night. Go Beyond the Temptation for all your guilty pleasures:
Enemies to lovers
Small town romance
Forbidden love
Opposites attract
Dark Romance
Age Gap
& more

The attending authors of Beyond the Read Author Event bring you a collection of short stories packed full of sizzling chemistry and heart-pounding romance guaranteed to leave you breathless.
Beyond the Temptation Volume Two is a limited-edition anthology collection and all proceeds will go to Braach Shepherds 4 Veterans, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.
Authors include:
Helen Hardt, Chelle Bliss, Nina Levine, Emma Dean, Ellie Wade, C. J. Pinard, Kristine Allen, Jenn D. Young & Lola Dawson, Cora Kenborn, Harlow Layne, EM Shue, Kate Stacy, Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott, Winter Paige, William Joseph, Savana Jade, Annika Paige, Alandra Knight, TL Mayhew & A.N. Waugh, and CM Smith

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