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Part of the Ride with Me


Franclynn is in trouble. Six years ago she witnessed her family’s brutal death. Now the men who did the deed have found her and want her dead. In order to save her, her adoptive mother enlists the help of the Shiver of Chaos MC. As someone studying marine biotechnology, Franclynn knows that a shiver is a group of great white sharks. With Franci now under Shiver’s care, she catches the attention of the greatest white among them, the club president.


Axel leads a life of complete control. No distractions. No relationships. But when he helps out an old friend, the foundation of his control is rocked. The young college student he’s vowed to protect tests his restraint in every way. It’s only a matter of time before he claims what’s his with his cut and his baby in her belly.  


Love is coming to the Shiver of Chaos MC Eastport Chapter, and the president is the first to fall.

First Chapter
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