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Drawing Dead


The river card has been dealt, and I’m sitting here with a losing hand.

As the second in command for the Las Vegas Russian Bratva, I need to be firm, unshakable. The organization depends on me being levelheaded. But when I go head-to-head with the deadliest man in the city, all bets are off. I’ve fallen for his daughter.  

She is mine.

When I learn she has a secret that could rock the very foundation of the Vegas underworld, I give her my name in order to protect her.

I’ll defy the people I’ve come to trust.

My hand is dead, but I’m not above cheating. I’d do anything for my queen.

Another installment in the dark mafia romance series, Russian Cardroom is here to take your breath away.


You’ve felt the power that the men of Dark Reign hold. Now it’s time to fall under their rule again with new men who hold their world in their hands as they find the women who make them fall to their knees.

Power comes at a cost and these men have sacrificed their souls. They know violence, death, and how to walk in the gray, but that doesn’t mean they are without weakness. The women they love are their light and they would scorch the Earth to protect them. This December meet the men who rule their empires of crime and the women who stand by them while darkness reigns.

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