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Confined Space


From award-winning author E.M. Shue comes a brand-new rescue series.


In need of a fresh start, Coral Pierce packs up her newborn son and sets out for Prominence Point, Arizona. Things are looking up until Coral and her son are involved in a serious accident. She finds herself entrapped within not only the car but the eyes of the firefighter helping her. She shouldn’t want more with him. She shouldn’t think about him every time her eyes close, not with her recent past looming in the distance.


Scorned by love, tall, muscular, and independent Rowdy Murphy isn’t into relationships. Every girl is after his name and his family. But he can’t ignore the beautiful eyes staring back at him from the shattered windshield of the wrecked car. Her raw vulnerability calls to him. He wants the stranger and her son under his roof and protection for the remainder of his days.


Rowdy is ready to give Coral the world, but her past soon hunts her down. With the clock ticking and time running out, Coral will have to claw her way out of the darkness, freeing herself from her tormentor’s restraint once and for all.


Previously published in the KB Everyday Heroes World, Confined Space now contains new content and is the first book in the Prominence Point Rescue series.

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