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Completely Marco


Salvation or Destruction?

Calysta only wanted to better the life she was born into but falling in love with a military firefighter isn't a part of the plan. She escaped a controlling family who will do anything to get her back. Marco bumped into a beautiful girl at a coffee shop and his world changed. He will do whatever is necessary to keep her, even marry her. Will they be each other's Salvation, or will they be each other's destruction?

Redemption or Corruption?

Marco’s life ended when his wife and unborn child were killed. She says she's in danger, can Marco find a new future with his wife and child? Calysta was lied to and told her husband was killed in action. Will Calysta be able to protect them all when the darkness comes after her again?

Can love survive all the deception, corruption, and lies?

This is a combination of Marco's Salvation, previously published in the TNTNYC2020 Drafted Anthology, now with additional scenes. And Marco's Redemption the previously e-book only published conclusion to Marco and Calysta's story.

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