Caine & Graco Saga

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Eight men and the women they will love and protect.

The Caine's - Noah, Zeke, Jericho, and Jack

The Graco's - Marco and Enzo

Meet some of the Caine's in Identity's Kiss!

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Blind date or pity date?


When Kenzie's comment to her bestie about her dating life or lack there of is broadcast over open air she finds herself in the spotlight. Guys are wanting to date her to prove her opinion is wrong and other's are wanting to date her out of sympathy for her plight.


Noah has no clue what was said or why she's yelling at him saying she doesn't want to be on no pity date. All he knows is this is the one for him. Just like his father always told him when he found the right girl his soul would sing. Well it's singing alright, Barry White songs.


When a violent man from Kenzie's past makes himself known Noah will risk his career for his love. Kenzie will do whatever is necessary to protect her family and Noah.

2020 Beverley Winner
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Mistake or Eternal Love?


When a weekend away to blow off steam ends up with matrimony, Jamie doesn't know what to do. She can't get him to file the divorce papers, and she won't either. Something about him soothes her soul.


Mistake. Divorce. Oh hell no. Zeke Caine won't admit either of those when it comes to Jamie. She's his and he can't let her go. Okay, maybe he should have told his family.


Now they find themselves on the same task force after a serial killer. When a twist of fate puts Jamie in danger, Zeke will kill anyone in his path to protect her. But is he ready to admit he loves her? Or is Jamie ready run and leave him behind?

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Passion or Torment? 

A weekend of no-strings-attached sex, that’s the rule. No last names, no commitment. But Linc changes the game when he makes love to Rylee. Losing her heart isn’t part of the plan. She had an itch to scratch, and he fit the bill. Now Rylee is running away in the night, taking a piece of him with her.

Linc has issues with trust, thanks to his deceitful ex-wife. Waking up to an empty bed and no Rylee to be found does a number on his heart, but he can’t shake the thought of her from his mind. She could be the one. When a chance meeting brings them together again, Linc plans to hold on to her tighter, not letting her out of his sight.

Their happy reunion is short-lived when both are faced with their pasts. It’s a matter of life or death, and someone is bound to lose. Can Linc and Rylee find passion through the ruins? Or will the torments of their pasts cause them to lose out on a future together?  

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Salvation or Destruction?

Calysta defied her family to go to college to become a better woman and person. But that's nothing compared to falling in love with a man that isn't a part of her families community. That isn't the man her father arranged for her to marry. A man that said she was his and made her blood burn with fire. Thank goodness he's a fireman. Is she willing to walk away from everything she knows to be with him? Is she willing to take him down with her when her family will set fire to everything they have together?

Marco  became a fire fighter like his brother but for the Army where he got to see the world and protect his country. That's all he wanted until the day he bumped into a beautiful girl at a coffee shop. One look and she was everything he knew he needed and wanted. But she comes from a devout culture that doesn't like outsiders or that she as a woman is trying to better herself. Is he strong enough to love her and give her the life she deserves? Will they be each other's Salvation or will they be each other's destruction?

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Book 2.5

Redemption or Corruption?


Marco’s life ended when his wife and unborn child were killed in a robbery gone wrong, but who is the woman that looks just like her standing before him? How can she be alive? He thought he moved on, but seeing her only brings back the pain of the loss. She now begs for help and his heart can’t take anymore; it’s shattered completely. The small child at her side deserves his love, though, she was innocent in the deception. Can Marco find a new future with his child? Will he be able to find the love he had for his wife again?


Calysta was lied to and told her husband was killed in action, so she allowed them to move her and change her identity. To save her child she’d do anything, her heart was already broken and dead from her loss. When the past rears its ugly head, she runs to the only person she can trust, her best friend. But what she finds is the man she thought was dead. He only wants his daughter and not her anymore. She can’t blame him for the deception. The corruption that entered their lives. Will Calysta be able to protect them all when the darkness comes after her again? Will more blood be shed because of her choices?


They both have been lied to. They’ve both learned to go on without the other, but are they truly over their love for each other? Can love survive all the deception, corruption, and lies?

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Marco's Redemption Full Title copy copy.
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Salvation or Destruction?

Calysta only wanted to better the life she was born into but falling in love with a military firefighter isn't a part of the plan. She escaped a controlling family who will do anything to get her back. Marco bumped into a beautiful girl at a coffee shop and his world changed. He will do whatever is necessary to keep her, even marry her. Will they be each other's Salvation, or will they be each other's destruction?

Redemption or Corruption?

Marco’s life ended when his wife and unborn child were killed. She says she's in danger, can Marco find a new future with his wife and child? Calysta was lied to and told her husband was killed in action. Will Calysta be able to protect them all when the darkness comes after her again?

Can love survive all the deception, corruption, and lies?

This is a combination of Marco's Salvation, previously published in the TNTNYC2020 Drafted Anthology, now with additional scenes. And Marco's Redemption the previously e-book only published conclusion to Marco and Calysta's story.

Both Marco books in one place
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A Moment or Forever?


Morgan swore off love and family after the death of her father and the mental distress her mother endured thereafter. But a chance encounter and a one-night stand with a charming K9 officer changes everything, leaving Morgan to reevaluate her future and what she thought she wanted out of life.

When an unexpected knock on the door delivers a tiny bundle wrapped in pink, Jack’s future is flipped upside down. Raising his daughter and returning home to her every night soon becomes Jack’s sole focus. But he can’t forget the recent encounter with a certain sexy firefighter.

Both Morgan and Jack make the other explode with desire, and they both have challenging and dangerous careers. But when Jack’s past returns ready to ignite his future in a blaze of revenge, can he protect his daughter and Morgan from the darkness he barely escaped?


Past and future collide in this action-packed, steamy romantic suspense from award-winning author E.M. Shue.  

1st Chapter Coming Soon
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Truth or Lies?

Emily has only ever wanted to be a lawyer, but she likes to play and have fun too. That means there are rules. Never get attached. Never take them home with you. Never go to their place. And the most important rule of all, never get personal.

Then she meets Jericho, who breaks all her rules. Like the men in his family, he knows his woman the moment he meets her. Emily is determined to keep him at a distance, but Jericho will make her his no matter what she thinks.

After Emily becomes disillusioned with the legal system and believes a lie about Jericho, she returns home, deciding the Big Apple isn’t for her. But she doesn’t realize that trouble and Jericho are going to follow her wherever she goes.

Can Jericho show Emily the truth? Will Emily catch the big one and save herself?

The next installment in the award-winning Caine & Graco Saga from E.M. Shue is going to harpoon through your heart with love and adventure.

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Enzo's Feud
Coming soon!!!!

The Exciting conclusion to the Caine & Graco saga is coming soon.

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