A new action-adventure suspense series coming soon.

Eight men and the women they will love and protect.

The Caine's - Noah, Zeke, Jericho, and Jack - Three are NYPD Cops, another FDNY paramedic and finally a DC Metro Detective.

The Graco's - Both are with FDNY. One is a fire fighter and the other is an Arson Investigator. 

Noah's partner, Linc will also have his own story in this series too. And so will Zeke's best friend, David.

Meet some of the Caine's in Identity's Kiss! BTW Zeke was already introduced in Secret's Kiss.

The Graco's you'll meet in Accidentally Noah!

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Blind date or pity date?


When Kenzie's comment to her bestie about her dating life or lack there of is broadcast over open air she finds herself in the spotlight. Guys are wanting to date her to prove her opinion is wrong and other's are wanting to date her out of sympathy for her plight.


Noah has no clue what was said or why she's yelling at him saying she doesn't want to be on no pity date. All he knows is this is the one for him. Just like his father always told him when he found the right girl his soul would sing. Well it's singing alright, Barry White songs.


When a violent man from Kenzie's past makes himself known Noah will risk his career for his love. Kenzie will do whatever is necessary to protect her family and Noah.

Mistake or Eternal Love?


When a weekend away to blow off steam ends up with matrimony, Jamie doesn't know what to do. She can't get him to file the divorce papers, and she won't either. Something about him soothes her soul.


Mistake. Divorce. Oh hell no. Zeke Caine won't admit either of those when it comes to Jamie. She's his and he can't let her go. Okay, maybe he should have told his family.


Now they find themselves on the same task force after a serial killer. When a twist of fate puts Jamie in danger, Zeke will kill anyone in his path to protect her. But is he ready to admit he loves her? Or is Jamie ready run and leave him behind?

Also Coming in 2020

Lost In Linc - Part of the BISM Anthology 
Marco's Salvation - Part of the Drafted #TNTNYC Anthology
Complicating Linc - A full length conclusion


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